Welcome to the online catalogue that presents ornamental woody plants which are most commonly used in a park horticulture of Slovenia, Norway and Spain. Plants are presented by photographs and descriptions. The catalog was created inside international project DONE, which you can read more about under the tab "Presentation of the project DONE".

Each plant is presented by the botanical name, family and the group to which it belongs by its use. It is also defined by the purpose, botanical characteristics, climatic conditions, special features and decorative value. HOW TO USE e-PLANTING: We want to plant ornamental woody plants with a certain purpose or to a particular place, so we recommend searching for a suitable plant with a filter "which plant where."

If you would reduce your search you can use additional filters which are: group of plants, botanical characteristics (flowering period) and climatic conditions (soil moisture, soil pH and location).

If you have a specific plant in mind, you can search via keywords. On the basis of the description you can check the suitability of planting to a specific terrain. We recommend using the botanical name of the plant.

There is also an option of alphabetical search of plants by their botanical names. When you click on a certain letter, a list of plants whose name starts with that letter will appear.